• Right place

    Are you looking for a J2EE, GWT or Vaadin solution? Ale you need is: good developers, people who know the merits and someone who will efficiently organize the whole process of software creation. All of those things you have here. Ask us for the recomandations, read about our methodology.

  • Relax

    You are in good hands. We know our job. We use “agile” methodologies to maximize business value of your application within your budget or time limit. Our model of cooperation allows you to change requirements at any point. How good is that? And there is more good news like this one.

  • Save money

    Use the benefits of outsourcing: competitive rates (up to 50% lowers costs); skilled experts, which are hard to find; no direct managment, no infrastructure to maintain. Increased productivity and Efficiency you can focus on your main goals. Simply save money and time.


  • Stay in touch

    Our agents are in Paris and London. Our developers are located in Poland. This means common EU legislation, same time zone and only a short direct flight from any major European city, no headaches of going to India. Possibility of participation in EU projects.




Info-system is a provider of technologically advanced IT services and solutions for business process optimization. Our solutions give our customers access to modern IT tools, as well as to the knowledge and experience of our experts.

Our offer is exceptional in terms of quality and velocity of application development. This is possible thanks to the full implementation of the Extreme Programming methodology and the use of modern technologies (such as Grails, JBoss Seam and GWT).

We specialize in:

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) based on AJAX
  • Online Calculators
  • Online Editors
  • RIA Product Search Engines
  • Software for measuring devices (desktop applications)
  • Reporting
  • Generate PDF, Excel files from databases


Our experienced team will help you to:

  • Significantly improve your web applications for performance and user interaction
  • Choose an IT solution that will optimize business processes of your company
  • Gather functional requirements and create complete and detailed technical specifications
  • Maintain correlation between your business goals and objectives of the implementation of an IT solution.
  • Get an independent and objective assessment of enterprise systems (functionalities and implementation)